Macroamp = High Quality = High Reliability

Our products are built to last and require very little maintenance. Founded in 1983, we have a very loyal customer following -- once a company has experienced our products they seldom go back to the products they had settled for in the past.

Trouble-free startup of full-load tested equipment is our guarantee.

We take a number of steps to ensure that our products are of the highest quality possible.

  • Conservative design philosophies ensure reliable performance and minimum maintenance for many years.

  • The design and manufacturing of all major assemblies, transformers, rectifiers, and control systems are performed in-house.

  • Only the highest-quality materials are used.

  • Macroamp thoroughly tests all power supplies prior to shipment. Tight quality control and component compatibility is necessary to attain the high level of reliability that we are known for.

  • Tolerances, fits, and techniques used in the finished products conform to the best modern shop and engineering standards.

  • Our dedicated substation provides 5 MVA of energy for product testing. The power supply testing area has 2.5 MVA at voltages between 2.4 KV & 13.8 KV; and 1.5 MVA @ 480 VAC. Our variable resistance load bank has a range capacity up to 30,000 amperes. This allows dynamic, as well as static, testing at load voltages other than short circuit, assuring that operating and thermal characteristics are within design specifications.

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Products - General Information

Macroamp designs power supplies, power controls and components for a variety of industries and applications. We have provided over 500 power supplies for our customers located throughout the world.

Each of our units represents an individual deign with particular load characteristics, distribution parameters and controls. Primary voltages range from 240VAC to 13.8KVAC single or three phase 50/60 Hertz at power levels from 40KVA to 2.5MVA.

Power supplies

  • Electronically-controlled standard and special AC and DC power supplies
  • Power supply systems

Power controls

  • Primary or secondary thyristors
  • Saturable reactors
  • Specialty transformers

Power conversion products

  • Custom transformers

Power correction products

  • Harmonic filters
  • Power factor correction capacitors

Macroamp also has engineering drawings on file for power supplies developed by A.O. Smith, P. & H., Chemetron and Kirkhof. We provide parts and service for these models and do control modifications for many others.

Products - Industries and Applications

Macroamp designs power supplies, power controls and components for a variety of industries and applications, some of which are listed below:


  • Acceleration labs
  • Aerospace
  • Atomic energy
  • Automotive
  • Basic R&D
  • Chemical processes (i.e. steel and titanium producers)
  • Environmental
  • Glass
  • Mining
  • Special metals


  • Our general purpose supply units are used in industrial environments to operate
    • DC motors for machine tools, polishers, grinders and magnetic equipment such as chucks and lifting magnets
    • Shore to ship power supplies
    • Elevators
    • DC cranes and for traction service

  • Our electrochemical process rectifiers are used in
    • Anodizing, plating, chemical treating
    • Gas generation
    • Electrowinning
    • Electromachining